Don Helms protégé     Dennis Pardoe

Don Helms


Ricky Cottle

Russ Hicks

Ed "Doc" Rickles          -          Bill Cook

Bill Cook         -         Don Lynch   

Bryan Knox - Bill Simmons - Leon Champion

Bill Simmons


                Band               -               Russ Hicks             -             Laney Hicks

Tim Bridges

Tyler "THE KID" Hall

Ernie Cawby

Mickey Adams

Jim Cambell

Lynn Owsley


Rob Parker

Rob Parker

Johnny Thomas

Pee Wee Dutton

Rob Parker

Rob Parker

Bill Cook and wife Cathy

Herby Wallace

Don Lynch

Gordon Dodson
2010 Bill Simmons Horizon Award

Mike & Joanie Johnson & Billy Rader

Carco Clave

Billy Rader

Sherry Hopkins & Billy Rader
Sweet Nothings

Barney Miller

Joey Alcorn   Russ Hicks

Wendell Gurley

Andy Norman

Jack Conyer

Jack & Martha Goodson

Lynn Owsley

Jeremy Drawbaugh

Johnny Thomas

Lynn Owsley
2010 Alabama Steel Guitar Hall of Fame

Jean Kendall Dodson
Gordon Dodson's niece






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